Home Sweet Home

And I’m back! The past two weeks have been filled with travel – Minneapolis, Atlanta, Boston, New Jersey, and finally back home to New York. Being away for so long, I realize that I crave routine, structure and lists. I’m addicted to list making – especially the hand-written kind. I know it may sound nerdy, but I find it extremely fulfilling to finish and cross things off a list (with pink highlighter as my preferred crossing out tool). Being away from home, especially when it’s for work, makes it really easy to fall off track. Late nights, client dinners, all day meetings, team happy hours, weather changes – let’s just say that anti-inflammatory plan & training took a sabbatical these past two weeks. Unfortunately my lack of self-control caused my spots to flare up, just as I was starting to see good progress. At least I know the eating well and exercising are making an impact.

I did manage to get in some fun to beat the stress while I was away: visited the Georgia Aquarium & the World of Coca Cola, learned curling and did my first (and last) karaoke performance (a beautiful rendition of Baby Got Back).

Sea Dragon at the Georgia Aquarium

My lapse in routine is making running this week extremely difficult, but I only have myself to blame. But I’m finally home and getting back on track! That also means getting back into the right mind-set. I have to move past being angry at myself and focus on moving forward.

Since I travel quite a bit for work, here’s a few notes to my future traveling self (in list form of course):

1. Eat a salad. Just because everyone else got a burger doesn’t mean you have to eat one too (and you can steal fries from someone else)

2. Get your tush up to run in the AM, because it’s not going to happen at night

3. Set out vitamins the night before next to your toothbrush, so you remember to take them in the AM

4. Bring a water bottle wherever you go, and fill it up anytime you’re around a fountain

5. Pack snacks for the hotel room, stay away from the vending machine!

6. Create a content calendar for your blog, so you don’t go two weeks without sharing!

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