And I was Running!

Today marks the official first day of training for the half-marathon that I’m running with my bestie! In February, I committed myself to  running 4 days a week but I wasn’t following a schedule of any kind. I was getting myself outside and acclimated to running again. Through high school and into college I played lacrosse so running was a crucial part of the game, but not something I ever considered a stand-alone activity. In fact, running was given to me as a punishment for talking during drills and not wearing my mouth-guard. I probably logged a few half marathons in laps alone!

So today I begin following a 12-week running schedule that my fabulous baby sister worked up for me. She is a true inspiration; finishing her first full marathon in January and already training for the next one in May! Running a marathon of any kind was never on any of my “to do” lists, so I’m still dumbfounded as to why my mouth said yes when K. asked if I wanted to run with her. Sometimes my mouth goes wild before my brain has the chance to catch up. So now that I’m officially signed up, I can’t back out now. It also gives me something to work towards and keeps my mind off my spots.

To stay motivated, I’ve been logging my miles into this new website and I’m addicted to seeing my miles add up. I’m a very visual person, so its fabulous for me to see how each run breaks down and where I can see improvements. I also follow this amazing running blog (, written by a girl around my age, living in NYC. I really love her writing style and get such a great sense of personality from her stories and accomplishments. It appears that we have similar lifestyles, so it’s easy for me to see how I can incorporate running into my life.

Photo: The beautiful A.G. crossing the finish line at the Country Music Marathon in Tennessee.

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