Is That Contagious?

It seemed like the red spots took control of my body overnight. I was 15 when I was diagnosed with psoriasis and to my outrageously, dramatic teenage self it was as if life couldn’t get worse. I was already pretty awkward – long limbs, glasses, flat chested, braces and now red spots covering my body! Why me??

As an (almost) grown up, I know that psoriasis isn’t the worst ailment that could have been bestowed upon me. But it isn’t pretty – it’s uncomfortable and can make you feel pretty self-conscious at times. Can you guess who’s the girl with the red spots in the lineup? (Hint: she’s not the bride)

You never completely overcome the weird stares or the even bolder “is that contagious?” question. My skin is a true tell of the stress I’m feeling and how well I’m treating my body. I’ve had enough of the greasy, steroid ointments, horrendous self-imposed shots, light box treatments and countless doctor visits. I can’t promise that I’ll completely change all habits overnight (sometimes a girl needs her pizza and wine), but I know that implementing small changes over time will affect the way my skin looks and feels.

Most people don’t know that psoriasis is a disease of the immune system, meaning your T cells and skin cells are going to battle within. Psoriasis isn’t just a vanity disease; there are emotional and physical stresses associated with living with it. I’m taking this journey to spread awareness about psoriasis and hope that my experiences can help someone.

Just A Girl With Spots


  1. I can give you an idea I picked up for the stubborn areas which don’t budge regardless of how much cream you use.
    You do need to be careful not to over do this, but apply cream,then add some extra before wrapping cling film over the area. Don’t do too many at a time, and see the results.really works

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